Ashton Farm Camp, LLC

celebrating 48 years in operation!

What We Offer

​Ashton Farm is 72 acres of the old historical Ashe Plantation.  We have developed it into a summer day camp designed to provide children the opportunities to learn the skills of various sports, to become a part of farm life, to feel the joy of being together in camp life, and to get to know and appreciate the atmosphere of nature.  Owned and operated by Miss Sally Martin, Ashton Farm is a summer day camp for kids from age 5 to 12.  We offer weekly summer rates for children including daily pick-up and drop-off service.


A Typical Day of Summer

8:15-8:45  Bus pick up (camp-owned bus, driven by Miss Sally)
9:30  Arrival at camp (help feed animals, play dodge ball, help in the garden)
10:00  Morning assembly
10:15  Horseback riding
11:00  Archery, tennis, hiking, etc.
11:45  Swimming and canoeing
12:30  Lunch
1:15  Elective (ball game, arts and crafts, etc.)
2:15  Free swim
3:00  Bus departure
3:40-4:30  Arrival back at bus stops

Other Activities                                                                            










nature walks

​and much more!